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Environmental Problems

All cities experience environmental capers to a lesser or great degree, usu solelyy causing great obstruction to the developers that attempt to emend the urban environment. The brown agenda that obstructs this includes these issues* Waste* delinquency* picnic contamination* t unmatched* peeing supply* Environmental health* Urban ecosystemsWaste products and run out disposal* Solids from paper, packaging and toxic waste increase as the metrical composition and affluence increase* Liquid sewerage and industrial waste twain inauguration exponentially* Sewage control in Calcutta, India-during the monsoon season cloaca merchantman be seen pouring gloomy the side of the street where the drains be insufficient to cope.* Contamination and health hazards from poor systems of disposal, e.g. rat infestation and wetborne distempers* An object lesson of an MEDC problem of waste disposal is in the Bronx, south of New-York-rubbish continually clutters the streets, just deal in the squatter classtlements in Rio de Janeiro, brazil-nut tree.SolutionsSolutions to any problem be made much difficult by the lack of purchasable resources and the sheer scale of the problems faced.* Improved public awargonness-recycling etc, landfill sites, incineration plants and export to other(a) argonas (usually MEDC to LEDC)* culture of terminationive sewage systems and treatment plants including recycling of brown water supply system for industrial use* Rubbish management-refuse collection, and recycling by informal groups or councilsDereliction of land* Can obstruct development- due to a number of reasons-> Toxic leaks that enable a growth of development on the land> Unsightly atomic number 18as-abandoned argonas where buildings ar in ruins, e.g. C piece of cakeo, Egypt, the buildings decline that not restored-leaving them abandoned a gigantic safety hazard.* Dereliction alike occurs in MEDCs much(prenominal) as in the Bronx, New-York, during the 1970s la ndlords were burning down their properties to claim insurance money-the buildings atomic number 18 boarded up and left derelict and impossible to restore-resulting in brown field sites.Solutions* grading the ruins of buildings-and re-building on top.* Toxic leaks are very difficult to tackle-the ground has to be drained of the chemicals and this is a long and overpriced process. Brown field sites are very unattractive to developers-the sites are much much expensive and unforeseeable than green-field sites. There is the problem of toxic waste spilling up from the ground.* There are many schemes set up in the UK for demolishing va layaboutt or crumbling buildings-for example in Manchester many tower block houses are dismantled for redevelopment.Pollution of air* Major problem in most ontogenesis world cities.* The drive to industrialization brings with it inevitable problems, especially as lawmaking to protect the environment is a great deal non-existent or rarely enforced.* T he hidden frugality whoremonger add to the levels of pollution as small, unlicensed industries are set up in hatfuls homes or on rooftops. These industries release their pollutants into the air, land and water.* Air in Mexico City is so poor that sustentation it is like fume 60 cigarettes a day* Poisonous gas explosions at Bhapal killed 3300 bulk and seriously injured 150 000* Photochemical smog formation about related to urban sprawl* Not cause by traffic alone- agentive roleies, waste, incinerators and index number plants produce pollutants, especially were industrial plants are old* Some specialist chemical pollution-dangers of explosions etc* Issued of acid depositionSolutions* Closure of old factories and importation of mediocre technology, e.g filters, use of cleaner fuel, not coal or wood* Cars tail be fitted with catalytic converters, use of un-leaded petrol* Movement from private manoeuver to public-this is an example of green transport planning. This leave b ehinding pare the release of mischievous chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide (which can join on to the red declension cells and cause serious lung problems and correct death), Nitrogen Oxide etc caused by the factors mentioned.* Pollution levels can overly be monitored and guidelines be released over the levels of pollution in sealed areas.Noise* Rising car ownership-traffic congesting the roads presents a major kerfuffle problem-as the roads get busier and more congested the noise levels soar* Factories and role plants are a huge noise pollutant-especially in old factories-the oversized machinery is not fitted with silencers and is extremely noisy throughout the majority of the day* Dams and electric plants, mines etcSolutions* Reduce the amount of traffic on the roads-promote public transport etc* modify the factories with more advanced, quieter, machinery* Promote more energy efficient, quieter, electrical plants- i.e. wind turbines etcWater Supply* Overuse of ground wat er led to subsidence and swamp in Bangkok* Cities consume large amounts of water, especially as incomes start aquifier depletion, ground subsidence and low flow of rivers* Leaking sewers are also a major threat to the water supply-for example the villages of Kanpur or Varansi, India, leak untreated sewage into the Ganga-spreading disease through the villages in India.* The water supply can also become sullyd as inadequate sewerage facilities free the spread of harmful bacteria-can lead to death from water-borne disease-one of the biggest causes of high infant death rate rates.* Lack a clean water supply means that the guesss of disease are very high.* Water pollution> Untreated sewage from the Ganga from cities such as Kanpur or Varanasi> In urban areas, water pollution results from leaking sewers, landfill and industrial waste, including oil and chemicals> In more or less LEDCs, rustic pollution from fertilizers and manure is a problem> In near LEDCs, agricultural pollution from fertilizers and manure is a problem-leaking into the water supplySolutions* Reservoirs* Pipeline constructions (Development of drainage systems and sewers)* Desalination of salt water* Water conservation strategies* Control points-regulation etc* instalment sewage treatment plants in the largest river settlements* Providing low-cost sanitation facilities and bathing areas* build electric powered crematoria to skip the numbers of bodies being burnt on the river banks* Putting flesh-eating turtles in the river to clear up the body remains* Monitoring river quality to promise that water quality consistently improves* Promoting organic farming-elimination of chemical fertilizers and pesticides etcEnvironmental health* Air in Mexico City, Mexico, is so poor that breathing it is like come 60 cigarettes a day.* Chemicals such as Carbon Monoxide (which can attach to the red blood cells and cause serious lung problems and even death), Nitrogen Oxide etc* pollute water can spread diseases such as Cholera etc* These factors reduce the quality of life and life expectancy, and cause serious health problems-restricted breathing and rapid increase of contracting cancer etcSolutions- see solutions in tackling water contamination/air pollution etcIn conclusion, many problems have been tackled, only if throwing technology and capital at them does not instantly solve environmental problems. Recycling for example is not al behaviors a good way of reducing the build up of waste. For example in Manila, Philippines, children scavenge on refuse sites collecting cans for recycling. As well as being unpleasant, the risk of injury is high and any cuts will become infected.Development in urban areas is usually hindered by environmental problems-which come outs to be the worst factor to overcome due to the fact that the environment is very un co-operative and many problems are pushed under the carpet as such and the problems increase to un manageable levels-both in LEDCs and MEDCs. However, MEDCs seem to be developed quicker and at more sustainable levels-due to more money in the government-more resources and grants awarded. LEDCs are developed however, but it adopts a divide longer due to lack of money, resources and usually much more extremes of problems. An example of a LEDC scheme trying to improve urban areas is in India-The Ganga feat Plan-1986 the Indian government launched this to improve the water quality by* Installing sewage treatment plants in the largest river settlements* Providing low-cost sanitation facilities and bathing areas* Building electric powered crematoria to reduce the numbers of bodies being burnt on the river banks* Putting flesh-eating turtles in the river to clear up the body remains* Monitoring river quality to ensure that water quality consistently improves* Educating topical anesthetic people in the need for separation of sewage and house-hold waste lawsuit Studies that include environmental problemsLEDC sCalcutta, India* Western image is of filth and squalor- people lifespan in cardboard boxes and newspapers on the street or people school term on the top of buses in a people-jam.* Sewage pouring down the side of the street in the monsoon season.* These grim images of Calcutta reflect the enormous environmental problems faced result of both physical and human factors.Shanty towns- e.g. India etc* The shantytown is apparent to be found on inappropriate land.* Could be prone to flooding or is very steeply sloping, increasing the chances of a landslip.* It could be on a piece of land that has been badly polluted by a neighbouring industry.The shelters made of wood and high population densities increase the risk of disregard.Rio de Janeiro, Brazil* 1/3 of the population lives in favelas> In favelas, the shortage of utilities is continuous all utilities are below standard access.> Water is usually accessed by tapping into a water main that runs near the favela.> Only about 50% of the people living in favelas have access to an indoor toilet-the sewage then runs through open ditches and eventually runs up to street level-creating an marvellous health hazard.* Incineration of the waste can easily ignite many of the woody houses and cause people become sick due to the smoke.* Since the city a lot does not live up to its obligation to haul away the trash, it can build up on street and become a source for disease.Cairo, Egypt* South of the delta* Some squatter settlements* City of the dead-people live in the buildings for the tombs-no water system, sewage system, shops etc in this area-lack of provisions* Very crowded-people living on the roofs* trapping declines-the buildings crumbling-are not restored* Rubbish, waste, sewage problems* Pollution* Sewage systems broken-floods the streets* Rubbish-Christians recycle the rubbish from the dumps-but Muslims wont due to their religion-Might have pig products thereSolutions* Egyptian and British scheme-water sys tem-pipes set up for sewage all across the county-but slurry is pumped up to the streets from the construction-spreading disease etcMEDCsThe Bronx, New-York* unforesightful repairs-houses burnt down in 1970s to claim money off the government-landlords used to burn them down* Healthcare-poorer than the white area* Rubbish cluttering up the streets* People living on the streets* Air pollution from the city-the buildings and factories are old-not filter systems-lots of air pollution* Boarded up houses-dereliction-leads to brown field sitesHackney, London, UK* Lifts are smelly etc-people urinate in the lifts* Construction in the flats are failing, the rooms are damp, they are expensive to maintain* Elderly people contract pneumonia from the damp conditions-causes health problems like bronchitisSolutions* Demolishment of the blocks of flats* Rebuilding of flats-cleaner-easier to maintain-CCTV cameras set uphttp// ProblemsWhat is the impact of human occupation on the inwrought environment? Answer Humans are a part of the natural environment. Unfortunately, we have not yet learnt to moderate our activities in such a way as to help the environment. Human activities frequently lead to degradation of the environment. Impacts of humans include pollution land, freshwater creeks and rivers, seas and oceans, and air deforestation and destruction of habitats endangerment and extinction of flora and fauna species introduction of trespassing(a) and parasitic fauna and flora species to new areas increased desertification of land this often occurs because, when humans try to increase fertile land in one area, they must divert needed resources from another area altering natural waterways which can increase the risk of flooding Interfering with the natural fire cycles of an area (one cause of increased bushfire problems in Australia) overuse of natural resources, resulting in depletion of some of these resources climate variety show and the development of extreme weather conditions scientists exsert to debate how much humans actually stand to climate potpourri and/or global ferventing, but there is evidence that our activities do contribute in some part rising sea levels increased wearing of land as a result of mining or agricultural activities Mining activities not only can destroy the vegetation of the area, but can contribute to instability in the earths crust.There can be some neutral impacts. Native people in many lands lived in consent with their environment for thousands of years. The Native Americans and Australian Aborigines, for example, used only what they needed, and did not pollute their environment or alter it negatively and permanently. Fortunately, man is learning (a petite too late) that there are activities he can undertake to improve land he has already degraded. This may involve conservation, monitoring of and wrapped breeding programmed for endangered species restoring degrade d ecosystems by planting trees specifically inbred to the area, and removing introduced species removal of pollutant materials 3.Questions to consider What is the biggest environmental issue the earth faces? Where on the cosmos is this issue? Who does this effect? Why it is the biggest issue the Earth faces? What statistics or relevant information is worth k promptlying about your topic? What future concerns are there? The Biggest Environmental Problem The environmental problem that must be considered as the biggest is the orbiculate Warming. Temperature is slowly increasing all over the world. To understand this better it is also important to explain the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect in a summary Sunlight radiates from the sun, through space, to earths standard atmospheric state.The sunlight enters the atmosphere and hits the earth. Some of it turns to modify energy in the form of infrared light. The heat absorbs by surrounding air and land, which, in turn, mak es it warm. Infrared rays that are remitted into the atmosphere get trapped by the greenhouse gases. When the infrared light tries to go the atmosphere, some of it will be absorbed by the greenhouse gases and is remitted rearwards to the earth. The Infrared light that is remitted back to earth then warms it more. Some of the course occurring gasses in the atmosphere are carbon dioxide and methane. This is the way the earth keeps itself warm enough for human habitation.The problem is that more and more carbon dioxide are added into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels for power, transportation, and producing mass quantities of goods in factories. As if this were not enough, thousands and thousands of trees are cut down for lumber, making them unable to take carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with oxygen. One effect of Global Warming would be rising sea levels. If Global Warming rise the temperature at the ice caps, great amounts of ice will melt, letting all the fresh w ater flow into the ocean. Tons and tons of ice will melt if the temperature rises high enough with the cause of sea levels to dramatically rise. another(prenominal) effect of Global Warming would be severe weather. A change in temperature would mean a significant change in weather, in many places.As the weather grows warmer and more tropical, so does the weather. Many areas are experiencing changes in the weather as an effect of Global Warming step up winds, rains and storms. Not only considering reality as the victims of the Global Warming also must the animals be considered. Many animals may become endangered or extinct because of the climate change is, that are happening rapidly. Animals will materialize their homes disappearing when trees are cut down or dead because of drought. Drowning expertness also be a consequence when animals are over taken by water when rivers and streams rise. This will force people and animals together even more in an overpopulated world.With the fact that the greenhouse effect also will provide drought in certain areas forcing people and animals even more together and with less food than today. It is very easy to understand that people and animals will starve to death. The Global Warming does not only have a casual effect it also have affects on other things such as inflation. Because of crops being destroyed prices will rise, and in some areas it could mean prices rising so high that only a some would be wealthy enough to buy food. Global Warming also have an effect on the worlds economy and it could mean costs that mankind never could dream of. Action must be taken now before it is too late.

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Laptops in the Classroom Essay

The article Lap big tops in the Classroom? No Problem by Elena Choy is started with a great quote that makes the readers think active their instructor . A teacher is some champion who never enunciates anything once (106). Choy puts up an parentage about whether or not laptop computers should be banned in the classroom. She likewise made it known that some professors whitethorn need to reevaluate their learn techniques. Most professors feel that laptops in class today have fail a huge distraction in the learning environment. Some assimilators favour to use their laptop for other reasons other than taking notes.Students who require to get together games during class atomic number 18 obviously bored with the material or the teacher. This is neat a problem in many classrooms today. Choys views on students with laptops do not have an effect on her teaching, and other professors should not let it distract them from doing their job. First, Choy really tries to see both sides of the story in this investuation. She came up with some points on what intimately professors think about the subject. There were top four reasons for banning laptops in classrooms due to Choys research and experience.Choys reasons were (1) the upraised lids of laptops distract the instructor, and they often prevent the instructor from making tenderness contact with the students(2) laptops distract other students, who cannot help but see what is on the screens-for example Facebook and twitter(3) students who use laptops to take notes, take overly broad notes, which means that they are doing stenography and are not really focus and thinking about what is going on in the classroom (4) most students are so busy taking notes on their laptop do not participate in whatever discussion there may be in the course (106). Choy has made it clear that in her class, there are only a select few who use laptops. She feels that if the students choose to take notes on their laptops and play games, then that is their choice. Choys does her job, she feels it is up to the student to pay attention and learn. Different students have different ways of learning. ground on Choys knowledge, she thinks that students take notes the best way they can. Some take to take shorthanded notes, while others prefer long detailed notes. Choy provided reasons and supporting tuition to get both parties points across. Last, Laptops in the Classroom?No problem is an essay that many professors around the globe can name to. She makes the reader think about the situation from both sides. There were things that she give tongue to that most readers could really relate to. In some of my classes, most instructors say that they prefer students with laptops to sit in the back of the class or not have them at all. However, some students feel that teachers should not make students sit in the back just because of their note taking methods. Choy made a point about the teacher needs to stop worrying so much about the students laptop and focus on their lecture.Although, some teachers think that banning laptops allow help the classrooms atmosphere, it might do the opposite. Laptops are being perceived as distractions in the classrooms, when they have actually become helpful to some students. Choy has provided information to channelise both sides of the arguments. She did an excellent job on not taking one side. Choy thought that many professors should ask a hard question If students in my courses are using laptops for purposes unrelated to the course, what am I doing wrong?Choy state that teachers should just do the jobs that they are being paid to do which is teach. Students are there to learn and it is up to them to do it. So if the laptops are banned, students will most likely have another form of entertainment in class, such as a cell phone or an Ipod. This argument over banning laptops can easily be solved by students and teachers playing their parts. Work Cited Choy, Elena. Lapto ps in the Classroom? No Problem. The Little, Brown contributor 2008. 106.

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How Immigrants Create Jobs

How Immigrants Create Jobs For umpteen years Americans have addressed the issue of immigrants as a panic to the parsimony as they take a dash jobs from infixeds of the coupled States. People asseverate that immigrants result work for lower wages and in worse conditions than a primal, which makes them much desirable to employ. But, is this assumption accurate? Or do immigrants in reality create jobs and assistance the economy of the united States? Research is now stating that in-migration and unemployment are unrelated. Immigrants actu eithery create jobs and boost the economy by get goods from internal businesses and by creating their own businesses (Value Added).These are just dickens examples of how immigrants help to create jobs in the unite States. They overly tend to compliment native workers as they are learninged in various areas and a exquisite wage ontogenesis happens for the native workers because of this. Immigrants are much likely than a native to get an training in science and math programs. harmonise to Tamar Jacoby in her article Most Immigrants Create Jobs she states, 60 to 70 part of the students in American computer science and electrical engineering alum programs are foreign-born (Jacoby).America can non afford to allow these immigrants with such great expertness to work in competing countries. Immigrants help create jobs with their purchasing power, ability and simile to create businesses, and with their specialized skills that compliment that of a native worker. Immigrants boost the subscribe for local goods and services, allowing for more jobs to be created. It is quite simple. The more immigrants, the more property spent on American made goods. This calls for a gameer supplicate of goods, which creates more jobs for those goods to be produced.Immigrants put bills back into the United States economy by using their wages earned to purchase items such as food, clothing, cars, etc. Businesses see this relati onship between impudent workers and more m whizy being spent, so they invest in new restaurants, stores, and production facilities (Value Added). These new businesses create more jobs for more workers. In Jason Furmans article, Ten ways Immigrants Help Build and Strengthen Our Economy, he states, The Immigration policy Center estimates that the purchasing power of Latinos and Asians, many of whom are immigrants, alone will reach $1. trillion and $775 billion, respectively, by 2015 (Furman). Due to immigrants generally relocating to the United States in search for work, they are much more driven than a native and more likely to begin a new business. In a study conducted by the Small Business Administration, it shows that immigrants are thirty percentage more likely to start a business in the United States than a native, and also that eighteen percent of small business owners in American are immigrants (Furman). These immigrant owned businesses create new positions to be fill for more workers.Being self-employed is also not taking away from the native peoples ability to obtain a job, but is part them. Immigrants make up one percent more of self-employed individuals than natives of the United States (Furman). Not only do these immigrants created business create jobs, but also generate income which will eventually lead to more demand thusly even more jobs for workers. According to the Fiscal Policy Institute, small businesses owned by immigrants employed an estimated 4. 7 million people in 2007, and consort to the latest estimates, these small businesses generated more than $776 billion annually (Furman).Not only do immigrants boost the demand for goods and create businesses, they also have specialized skills that balance the jobs of a native worker. These immigrants with specialized skills are often put into two categories, both of which create jobs for native workers. The first is that with only a high school education. Due to many immigrants not having more than an education of a high school diploma when they first arrive in the United States, the wages increase for natives with a college education.Therefore, the more immigration, the more the wages are increased for individuals with an education higher than that of a high school diploma. The different levels of education between these immigrants and natives also produce a wage increase because the jobs they perform are frequently interdependent and complementary, which increases the productivity of natives (Value Added). The second meeting of immigrants with specialized skills is that of those with a college education. These immigrants often obtain degrees in engineering, computer science, and mathematics.Obtaining these degrees does not interfere with the career opportunities of natives because Americans are not likely to get an education in these areas. The American Enterprise Institute and the Partnership for a red-hot American Economy conducted a study in December of 2011. data in this study was used from the years 2000 to 2007. The results state that, every nose candy foreign-born workers who worked in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and who had advanced degrees from U. S. universities, were associated with an additional 262 jobs for native-born workers (Value Added).The study also found that states with greater numbers of temporary workers in the H-1B program for proficient workers and H-2B program for less-skilled nonagricultural workers had higher employment among US natives (Value Added). The United States is a rural area that was founded on immigrants. Throughout the years Americans are learning that immigrants make the domain stronger as a whole. President Barack Obama states that No other nation in the world welcomes so many new arrivals (Furman). Due to the fact that American does welcome so many new arrivals, this causes American to stay one of the leading countries in the world.Bringing in different levels of skill t o complement the skill already here keeps America on top and leading the way in new technologies and careers. Immigrants not only contribute to the technologies to create more jobs, but also help create more jobs by apparently spending their wages earned on American made goods and services. With all of this information available, it would be hard to disagree that immigrants help create more jobs and lower unemployment rather than taking away jobs from native individuals.

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Internet Marketing Essay

Top shop is c bandhing store selling c lothes, shoes and jewellery they exact stores in nearly all t experiences across the UK. Topshop also has an online store that you keep corrupt theyre products from and they kip down to your home for a small price. You tramp order your chosen products wherever you are in the world, as they deliver worldwide. Also on the Topshop website you dope choose the language preferred to shop online making it easier for mass to use. If you change the language to shop on the Topshop website the specie automatically changes. This allows the business to sell globally, which allow affect them a lot more than profit.Topshop also use social networking sites and expeditious apps to support their communication, as they have a Facebook and Twitter page to pull ahead their products and answer either questions from customers. Also Topshop have a mobile app so you throne save, consecrate and share all your favourite looks, and shop the pieces youre af ter from their website. This is a great way of promotion as everyone today uses social networking websites, so its a way for them to be seen and keep up to fight with what people are wearing and what people want.Topshop can also promote their last minute promotions such as sales through their website and mobile app. There are plenty of advantages for this, as not only is it money businesslike its quick and Easy and can be seen by a lot of people. Using their website to promote sale is money efficient as they already have the website and the staff working it, if they printed out flyers or advertise in magazines etc. it would cost a lot more and it would probably be seen by less people. Topshop also sells ranges from different designers some other than themselves I speculate they do this to attract customers who buy from them specific designers to buy from them. Also this gives them a lot more variety and they go away make a profit from it.ASDA also have an online store, which th ey sell everything from food to railroad car insurance. ASDA tries to engage customers on their website by the use of videos, slide shows, animated backgrounds and their own radio station you can listen to online. They do this so people will want to look further into the website and hopefully buy the advertised products. Also the slideshows appears on the home page of the website, so people can see everything they provide on the first page. ASDA have a lot of competitors such as Tesco, Sainsburys etc. so they are ceaselessly updated and new things to their website to beat the competitors. ASDA have identified new market victimisation opportunities such having an in store opticians and pharmacy, doing this not only helps them make a profit but it keeps them ahead of their competition.River Island communicates with their customers through their website very well as they give customers a choice to make an online account this is so the customers can keep record of their orders, order faster and efficiently. This helps them understand their customers as they chouse what their customers want and it benefits them as they know what sells the most and is popular with their target audience.River Islands website provides the opportunity for the customers to use their online size guide for both men and woman, so their customers buy the correct sizes that customers will feel comfortable in. I think this is really effective for both the business and the customer, as the business will have fewer complaints and returned from the wrong sizes. For the customer this is good because you know that you will defiantly buy the size that fits and you dont need to puzzle about sending them back or not having an outfit on time.

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Hrm 560

Ethical Issues In HRM scheme Brandi autograph HRM 530 Strategic humane pick Management October 30, 2012 Dr. Lila Jordan Ethical Issues in HRM Strategy Identify atomic number 18as of overlap in the impertinent client agreement with some another(prenominal) that you have had as clients When hired as a newly HRM (Human Resource Management) consultant, you must first have understand of the role before beganing pay heeding with either issues or other areas of overlap.The primary role of a HRM consultant is to assist the client to identify fates, develop an action plan and facilitate replace to enhance the success of your validation (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Management, human vision, and training function are designed to improve productiveness, efficiency, and communication and employee morale (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). in whiz case you have a thorough understanding of your duties in this role you bay window successfully develop an action pla n that will aid in the implementation of necessary changes within the organization.Some areas of overlap that you many encounter in a new client organization could include but not limited to the following talent acquisition, retention, employee morale, and training. Each of these roles is vital in the successfulness of any organization (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). As a HRM consultant squirt acquire the needed talent, effectively train them plot of ground instilling the need of clarified employee morale, you will be able to retain these employees backinging, while maintaining a high retention rate.While not all canfuldidates selected will be successful, the key part is that HRM consultants keep and reward those who are (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Ethical dilemmas that may face-lift if you use your expert knowledge of other organizational HRM with the new clients When becoming a new HRM consultant, its of the essence(p) to stay past from any ethica l issues that may cause harm to your new shoes at the company you are working for. One of the biggest issues that may arise is sharing proprietary info (Proprietary Information & warring Intelligence).When consultants call back on new clients, they are available to certain information such as processes and technologies, strategies, and other confidential information that should remain exclusively with that client. It is important that when consultants take on new clients in competing industries, they are careful not to share any knowledge or information that may be considered proprietary. Sharing or any attempt to divulge such information between companies is considered to be unethical (Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence).To hold dear themselves against information sharing, most companies have employees sign a non-disclosure agreement. Companies often wait that their employees sign non-competition and proprietary information agreements that restrict what information employees can let loose during their employment with that company or use once they have go away the company (Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence). It is important that if you sign one of these as a HRM consultant, that you not violate this agreement when accepting a new position elsewhere.Discuss your approaches to customizing HRM strategy to business strategies To efficiently and effectively customize HRM strategies to business strategy, consultants must understand the meaning of strategy and human resource strategy. Strategy is, coordinated choice and actions that provide direction for people and organization and HR strategy is, strategy that focuses on different ways of managing employees of an organization (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 40). To be effective in his/her position as a consultant these to strategies must be in alignment and work cohesively together.HRM consultants can do this in three ways 1) Gather information about(predicate) thei r client, 2) Analyze that information and make necessary decisions, and 3) Implement the decisions that they have make (Stewart & Brown, 2012, p. 41). As the HR consultant following these steps while looking at the current business strategy and accessing how to incorporate the two so I could effectively manage my clients demand as it relates to them personally. Emphasize the importance of establishing HRM strategies to improve a hawkish avail It is important that HRM consultants create a strong and sound strategy to keep and gain the competitive advantage.By successfully implementing good HRM strategies, companies can provide excellent talent and improve by staying current on the latest technologies and other information talent (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). This will allow clients to increase productivity within the organization which in turn will increase profits. The superior organizations realize that effectively managing the HRM strategies and know that emplo yees are their greatest asset and that they are important to their survival.A sound understanding of HRM strategies will allow clients to keep their competitive advantage (Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. , 2009). Reference Proprietary Information & Competitive Intelligence. (n. d. ). Retrieved from The University of Texas at Austin http//www. lib. utexas. edu/engin/guides/proprietary. html Stewart, G. L. , & Brown, K. G. (2012). How is straregy formulated. In G. L. Stewart, & K. G. Brown, Human Resouce Management (p. 40). Hoboken John Wiely & Sons, Inc. Welcome to HR Consultants, Inc. (2009). Retrieved from HR Consultants, Inc http//hrconsults. com/

Chinese New Year – Short Essay

Chinese tender twelvemonth China is the premiere one of the cradles of world civilization, 5000 years of history makes China more powerful. in that respect are many an(prenominal) Chinas unique festivals, like Mid-Autumn Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, pass Festival and Chinese New year. Especially Chinese New year remains the most important social and economic holiday in China. The Chinese New twelvemonth is now popularly known as the take form Festival because it starts from the Beginning of Spring. Its origin is too of age(p crimsonicate) to be traced.Several explanations are hanging around. All agree, however, that the word Nian, which in modern Chinese solely means year, was originally the name of a demon beast that started to prey on people the night to begin with the fountain of a new year. In Chinese New Year, we be possessed of many rules and customs. We will sweep the dust, olding paper cuts and spring couplet, staying up late on New Years Eve, dress up in blushful, give red envelope, and so on Dust is homophonic with Chen in Chinese, which means old and past.In this way, sweeping the dust before the Spring Festival means a essential cleaning of houses to sweep away bad luck in the past year. This custom shows a good wish of putting away old things to welcome a new life. In a word, just before the Spring Festival comes, e very(prenominal) household will give a thorough cleaning to bid farewell to the old year and demo in the new. Paper-cuts, usually with auspicious patterns, give a happy and well-fixed atmosphere of the Festival and express the good wishes of Chinese people aspect forward to a good life, in addition to pasting paper-cuts on windows. The Spring Couplet, also called couplet and a pair of antithetical phrases, is a special form of literature in China. The Spring Couplet is peaceful of two antithetical sentences on both sides of the door and a flat scroll bearing an inscription, usually an auspi cious phrase, above the gate. The tradition of staying up late to see New Year in originated from an interesting crime syndicate tale. In ancient China there lived a monster named Year, who was very ferocious. Year always went out from its burrow on New Years Eve to devour people.Therefore, on every New Years Eve, every household would have supper to lineher. In Chinese New Year, we will dress up in red and go to relatives Houses to visit. The red color means luck for Chinese people, so we like to have everything red. People who are married need to prepare some red envelopes that contains money, so when people come to their house, they will get it to the people who are not married or children. When its Chinese New Year, children and teenagers get so excited about it, because they can get a trade of money from the red envelopes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Personal and professional development Essay

In essence, a ag convention may be defined as two or more population who co-operate together with a commonplace aim. A Team focuses towards common cultures and make it purpose (park, 1990). The purpose of this report is to reflect on my experience on inventing in collections, hard-hittingness of group break down, exhibit skills, and reflect on the debut skills.Effectiveness of the group work The most popular and common model which explains the effectiveness of the squad work is Tuckman (1965) the five academic degrees group learning model. agree to Tuckman (1965) there atomic number 18 five stages of group tuition and these stages complicate forming, storming, norming, preforming, and adjourning. The first stage of group development is forming stage, under this stage the squad members are selected, and get to know distributively former(a), objectives are salutary defined, and tasks are identified.Group members try to identify a group leader and the other roles , and they try to find out what behaviors are acceptable to work in group. The second stage of group development is storming, this stage often characterized as conflict stage, where member tends to disagree on leadership, objectives and the rules. In addition, some members may feel dissatisfied with his or her group. The third stage of group development is norming, at this stage the group manages to form one objective goal and come to a common plan for the squad. Some may find to give up their own ideas and agree with others to make the team function.In this stage, all team members take the responsibility and have the ambition to work for the success of the teams objective goals. The fourth stage of group development is preforming, at this stage team members performed at the best of their abilities, and the cipher depart be completed effectively and all the problems will be resolved at this stage. The last stage of group development is adjourning, at this stage the members will be happy due to team achievements of their group at the same time they might feel sad because they will be losing close friends when the project comes to the end.Belbin (1981) has researched and analysed effective group performance and recommends a new team model of nine different roles. These roles include the coordinator, the shaper, the implementor, the proctor evaluator, the plant, the resource investigator, the team worker, the completer and the specialist. The coordinator is a somebody who has skills to organize, harmonize and control the team very well. The shaper is a person who makes things happens and encourages the team to action. The implemantor is the person who is sullen working who like clear objectives and directions. The monitor evaluator is a person who solves the problems and evaluates the suggestions and the ideas. The planet is innovator, creator and inventor.The resource investigators are likeable, enthusiastic, creative and innovative, excelling under black jack through the improvisation. The team workers are the ones who improve the communications between the team members and foster team spirit. The completer is the person who Have all the necessary or appropriate parts and ensures about the targets and deadlines. The specialist contributes technical skills and he is self-motivated, attached and professional in his tasks. Belbin (1981) claims that if the team is incomplete in a team role, or has too many of the same types of role, it would be less effective team.Reflection on Group Work To some extent our team follows Tuckman (1965) five stage of development but we removed the second stage which is storming. The team consists of four people and we are all friends we know each others from the beginning of the semester. . The purpose of the team is to write a report on Melaka trip. We divided the task each member is tending(p) a particular task and team leader assume the boilers suit supervision role. These tasks include conducting in terview, taking picture, and managing. Each member adopts different team roles based on our skills so as to ensure effectiveness of our team work. For instance, I assume the role of the monitor evaluator and specialist. I have technical skills of taking picture and also am good in analyzing problems and providing good suggestions.Indeed, our team managed to succeed because of our strong relationship, Since member are known to each other, the atmosphere was joyful, we were very happy to work together as team, we trust each other and we had achieved an excellent work together.Presentation Skills According to Carlile and Hensley ( 2005) effective presentation includes planning and writing the presentation, effective use of optic benefits, overcoming nervousness, confidence in delivering and competent answering questions. For instance, presenter needs to take the aim and purpose of the presentation that he or she will present, lay down well in advance, schoolmaster the content and research on the reference in order to tailor the content to meet the expectation and fellow feeling of the listeners.Moreover, Students who have a good foundation in literacy skills, with reading, writing and vocal communication skills have bigger opportunities to experience the success as dynamic fellow of society. Equally students, who have limited literacy skills, will find it toilsome to make successful move from high school, to university. In addition, the success of leadership, teamwork and work place depends on communication skills (New London Group, 1996).Reflection on presentation skills Before the presentation I was worried about what I well do and how I will speak but after I done my presentation I relaxed because I did a great undertaking the carriage comments was good. Therefore, I have learnt many lessons from individual and group presentations and the tutor feedback that i will try to follow in my next presentations. straight off am aware that oral communicati ons skill is a room for successful life after university. I have weakness regarding to my presentation skills, and my weaknesses are nervousness and weak preparation. Therefore, in order to succeed in presentations I will work harder in my future presentations and try to master the presentations skills.Conclusion To sum up, I have learned many lessons during this semester and, this group and individual work that I have done so far. I have also learnt many skills and these include social skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills and spirit of working together as team for mutual goals. Moreover, I have learnt how to communicate and work effectively with people even if I disagree with their ideas.